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Meet the Owner


Hi there! I’m Tanya! Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my passion project. I began making herbal remedies when my skin began reacting poorly to some of the ‘normal’ products out there that contain unnatural materials. As I made and used products for myself, people starting asking for their own, and a few years later, here we are! I am unique in my field because of my caring and witchy ways! I put attention to staying true to creating infusions and products on the New Moon. I offer gratitude to the plants I use and collect or buy responsibly. I am able to offer handcrafted blends personalized for you, working with many of my favorite herbal medicines, including CBD. I find local and sustainable networks and try to have completely compostable packaging of my products whenever possible. I am passionate about offering financial support to individuals unable to pay listed prices to make herbal remedies available to all beings. I want Fairy Wellness to encompass earth friendly, love filled, quality products, made for everyone’s wellness, that support important movements for positive change in the world.

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The Mission

Fairy Wellness has the intention of creating beautiful herbal wellness products that can be part of your daily loving routine. I am a one woman home business operating in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. The creations I make have high quality ingredients that are organically and locally sourced as much as possible. I have a range of items that promote health and mindful wellness.  My creations include herbal bath and body products, medicinal herbal tinctures, hemp derived CBD infused herbal products and much more to fill your life with self love. These creations are for two leggeds, four leggeds, young and old, financially able or not! I value any feedback on products, any questions you may have, and being able to help financially on an individual basis to help spread wellness.

The broader vision of Fairy Wellness is helping create a world consisting of a supportive network of self sustainable communities that celebrate holistic healing, botanical medicine, respect for Mother Earth and all beings, body movement, natural and community based end of life burials and Love! Fairy wellness supports Black Lives Matter Movement and any movement to liberate from our Patriarchal world and move away from the broken system that is our capitalistic society today. Radical living is living peacefully with love and support for all people, growing your own food, and shucking the cookie cutter standards that our society has told us to live by.


“[Budy Butter is a] luxurious moisturizer that smells like a dream!


“I love this light and nourishing serum. It is very moisturizing and doesn’t clog my pores.”


“[Magic Moon Stick] helps relieve the pain in the neck from stress and the smell is amazing to the senses. Glad we purchased!!!